Saw how online businesses were poised to explode and started following their developments
Sept. 2012
Attended Facebook Marketing Training
Nov. 2012
Attended Platform Tech and heard Sim Shagaya tell the Konga story
Mar. 2014
Met Okiki Stitches
Mar. 2014
Attended SME100 Nigeria Conference at Civic Center and met Juto Foods
9th Mar. 2016
Closed on the Okiki Stitches Partnership
May 2016
Attended speaker session featuring Omobola Johnson at Cre8 Space VI.
5th May 2016
Google digital marketing training set up by Konga at Shebah Center
18th May 2016
Attended Investor forum for new pharma company at Intercontinental hotel
19th May 2016
Food and Beverage conference at Eko hotel - Met Beverage Company
20th May 2016
Okiki opens new boutique
29th May 2016
Met an Agricultural Company
July 2016
Met another food company
5th Aug. 2016
Closed on the Juto Foods Partnership
2nd Aug. 2016

Our Journey So Far